Research – Dyslexia

In 8 weeks we had to come up with a digital film and take an experimental approach to the film. I had to explore 3 different types of animation and expand an idea of a topic from our choosing to visual communication.

The topic I chose was Dyslexia, everyone in the group was picking issues that were personal to them and I discided to do the same. With having dyslexia myself, i didn’t do that much research on the subject. By knowing the difficulty of this, the first two projects were focusing more on the negative side of this subject.

What is dyslexia you may ask? It’s a general learning difficulty that can cause problems with reading, writing and spelling.

So I research the positive side of this subject by watching motivation video of how the artist has shown the audiences the positive aspects of having dyslexia. I also looked at a list of famous dyslexics that appear in my montage video, Whoopi Goldberg, Albert Einstein, Richard Branson and many more. There are lots of strengths to this disability which is creativity, music, art, holistic thought and intuition.

Why this subject?

Being dyslexic, we struggle so much when it comes to written work and reading the text. I found out by an adviser that some people when they read a paragraph the text starts to the move or go blury, by learning this I come up with an excellent idea for this emotive project to show the audience how frustrating it can be when you read long tricky words.

JKP BLOG also tells you why young children and adults struggle with education and what can be done to help.

When it comes to making my final film I want to show my audiences that dyslexia doesn’t mean you are stupid, you are smart but creatively.






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